B-Engaged is hiring! Commercial Role

Commercial Executive Role B-Engaged is hiring! Would you thrive off of working with brands and footballers? It’s an exciting time to be part of our fast growing business, which has now surpassed everyone’s expectations and we are growing our team even further this summer. As a commercial executive, you would be required to work closely

Image Rights – A Player’s perspective.

Image Rights – A Player’s perspective. By Ehsen Shah   Image Rights companies (IRC). One of the most talked about topics in football. “How do they work? Why should I have one? What is the future of Image Rights Companies?” Let us break it down for you. Over the past 2-years we’ve developed a range

Why Footballers should use Facebook. The brands view.

Ask any footballer would they proactively use Facebook, they are likely to reply with a negative view on the world’s largest social platform. This isn’t due to the complex algorithms or the Facebook advertisements. The perception of Facebook amongst many young adults today is that it is seen to be ‘uncool’ or out-dated. This is

B-Engaged Launches

We are delighted to announce the launch of B-Engaged. A sports marketing, commercial and image rights firm. Our key specialities include, innovative athlete marketing, strategic commercial partnerships and HMRC approved UK image rights management. With years of experience at B-Engaged ranging from Nike, Wasserman, Chelsea FC, Pro Direct and many more, we are able to source,