B-Engaged Launches

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We are delighted to announce the launch of B-Engaged. A sports marketing, commercial and image rights firm. Our key specialities include, innovative athlete marketing, strategic commercial partnerships and HMRC approved UK image rights management.

With years of experience at B-Engaged ranging from Nike, Wasserman, Chelsea FC, Pro Direct and many more, we are able to source, broker and execute sports sponsorship campaigns across the globe. B-Engaged has strong foundations to provide brands and sporting talent maximum ROI.

MD Ehsen Shah said: “With all of our team having worked in sports sponsorship and marketing, we have collated vast amounts of knowledge and contacts in a range of industries. Our vision is to develop relationships with athletes and brands across the world and replicate the success we have achieved here in Europe. Many brands see sport as a highly competitive market in which they are not fully educated on executing the marketing campaigns. That is where our proven campaigns with brands, athletes and clubs allows clients, whether it be a brand or an athlete, to achieve maximum ROI.”