What is the best way to engage with a footballer to promote your brand?


Ambassador marketing is the hot topic within every marketing department across the globe right now. With the ever changing social media algorithms and fast paced digital space many brands are looking at extending their brand awareness reach through social media ambassadors.

Footballers are now media platforms for brands to utilise when embarking on their brand new shiny campaigns. But what really is the best way of utilising these footballers and their media platforms? Well there are two options:

  • Long-term Ambassador roles
  • Short-term influencer campaign focused on one or two social media posts

Looking back to two / three years ago, brands were very strategic about who they worked with and how the campaigns would be activated. There would be a straight forward 1-2 year partnership agreement with x amount of social media posts and y amount of appearances with different IP assignments. This method is by far the most beneficial for a brand. Why?

  • You can establish a long standing relationship with the ambassador
  • Authenticity and strong identities between the two brands are formed within the target consumers
  • Story is built up between the brand and the ambassador
  • ROI is far better to measure across a longer period of time

This is not to say brands do not still do this, many of them do and not just your brands with big budgets, ambassador roles come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend it strongly to our brand clients who are looking to engage within sports sponsorships.


However, in recent times, a number of brands are looking for quick wins by agreeing short-term relationships with players in exchange for social media posts. How?

  • Gift products / provide a fee in exchange for a social media post
  • Appearance to event, social media posts prior, during and after the event

Advantages to this method for a brand:

  • Low cost compared to ambassador role
  • Quick wins (social awareness)
  • Small sales
  • Small number of followers


  • Target audience see straight through the unauthentic marketing methods / paid for promotion
  • Audience do not resonate or see the synergies between the two brands therefore do not engage with the content
  • Will constantly be looking for new influencers to use, no loyalty and relationship with the influencer
  • Risk of negative brand perception in the consumer and influencer market

In summary there are a number of advantages for using short-term strategies compared to long-term ambassador roles, but when it comes to real brand loyalty with your target consumers we would definitely recommend investing your time and marketing budgets into an ambassador partnership with the right talent.

The evidence is there within the sports brands and tech brands. Nike, Adidas & PUMA didn’t build multinational billion dollar companies through short-term strategies. Nor did Beats by Dre build a brand culture within the youth demographics through short-term sporadic campaigns.


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