• Developing a content strategy for a player on the move

    It was another summer of huge spending £1.14 billion in the Premier League, if we’re being precise. This number continues to be higher than any other league in the world, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. As a sports marketing agency, the transfer market is an exciting time too. It’s a time where

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  • Self-branding for footballers is now vital.

    In a flourishing market such as 2018/19 athletes were in demand with brands willing to tell their stories through campaigns. We saw Raheem Sterling partner with Gillette to promote the “positivity of masculinity”. Sterling used the partnership to help influence the next generation. The media exposure from the campaign touched on racism in football and the

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  • Covid-19 vs social media

    As the world begins to de-globalise, we now face restrictions on movement and how we interact with one another.  With uncertainty and unprecedented changes to our daily lives one form of communication remains intact – social media. Everything as we know it has changed and so has social media engagement, not only for consumers but also

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  • Sports marketeers in football waiting on hand-and-foot, for Premier League’s call.

    No one knows. It’s needless to say that uncertainty has been a main cause of anxiety for people across the globe. We know that we will get back to a sense of normality at some point, the killer question is – when? While some initial reports claimed that this crisis would be over by Summer,

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  • What combat sports can learn from football’s comms playbook….

    The two have similar audience demographics, the ticket buying fans are as vocal and loyal in both disciplines and their trailblazing athletes are more often than not from the similar backgrounds. So why do combat sports, and those in it, keep getting it so wrong in comparison to their footballing counterparts with regards to their

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  • What will the sports partnerships space look like post Covid-19?

    In truth, nobody can truly know what the sports partnerships space will look like post pandemic. What we can do is anticipate a few different scenarios and plan for them. The global recession looming ahead will have severe implications on business across the globe, which usually means one thing – reduced marketing spends.  If consumers

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  • Why COVID-19 shouldn’t mean doom-and-gloom for brands

    We’ve potentially seen the first big-brand casualty since the COVID-19 crisis began, as PR Week reported this week, Coca-Cola have allegedly suspended all marketing activity until further notice. Let’s be honest, they’re probably not the first, and certainly won’t be the last.  Only being able to leave the house for essentials, a negative consumer mindset,

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  • Footballers, Social Media / Public Figures or TV reality stars? The question every brand is asking.

    11.04.2019 Gone are the days where brands would question why they should partner with people who hold significant clout in their target markets. They have all realised the power of using influencers and spokespeople for their brand and products. PR is dead they say in some digital agencies. Well, traditional PR, yes. But digital PR

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  • What is the best way to engage with a footballer to promote your brand?

    11.04.2019 Ambassador marketing is the hot topic within every marketing department across the globe right now. With the ever changing social media algorithms and fast paced digital space many brands are looking at extending their brand awareness reach through social media ambassadors. Footballers are now media platforms for brands to utilise when embarking on their

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  • Work Experience Placement Programme

    11.04.2019 Many graduates looking to break into sport find it difficult to find an opening, which will allow them to begin their career in sport. This is why we believe in providing an opportunity for young graduates who are passionate about marketing, branding & sport with an opening. Our programme works on: 2 weeks intern

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