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Why Footballers should use Facebook. The brands view.


Ask any footballer would they proactively use Facebook, they are likely to reply with a negative view on the world’s largest social platform. This isn’t due to the complex algorithms or the Facebook advertisements. The perception of Facebook amongst many young adults today is that it is seen to be ‘uncool’ or out-dated.

This is a problem for brands who are endorsing footballers currently, or who are looking to enter the sports sponsorship world. Brands use Facebook heavily to promote their newest products and brand marketing campaigns. They can reach millions of target consumers across the world with one budget and one post. Brands spend heavily in Facebook’s promoted features with complex information on demographics, location, gender, interests and many more categories.

You’re probably thinking, why does this matter to the footballer? Recently we conducted three brand campaigns with three different clients and brands. The brands key requirement was to have a Facebook post live and have our written consent for the brand to promote the players post worldwide across a 2-week period leading to the product launch. Brands are using their players to push their message to their target market. The players are the influencers to the brands target audience and the brands are paying large sums to get their message across to the players all these potential customers through the player.

This is enough of a reason to be on Facebook and we haven’t touched Facebook Live or video features in this article!

So what does this mean for a footballer? Well, simply, you’re missing out on potentially the brands largest marketing criteria on social media… FACEBOOK!